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  kino raum 3 -- ziegelstrasse 20 -- 10119 berlin -- http://bootlab.org/raum3/
        kino raum 3                         program 
        ziegelstrasse 20
        10119 berlin                        the conception of a control 
        bootlab.org/raum3                   mechanism, giving the 
                                            position of any element 
        samstag 06.10.2001                  within an open environment 
        21:00 - 23:30 uhr                   at any given instant 
                                            (whether animal in a reserve 
        rolux.org praesentiert              or human in a corporation, 
        kontrollbilder (1)                  as with an electronic 
        ~ matrix ~                          collar), is not necessarily 
                                            one of science fiction. 
                                            a city where one would be 
        andy wachowski / larry              able to leave one's 
        wachowski, the matrix, usa          apartment, one's street, 
        1999                                one's neighborhood, thanks 
                                            to one's (dividual) 
        david lynch, lost highway,          electronic card that raises 
        usa 1996                            a given barrier; but the 
                                            card could just as easily be 
        mark romanek, janet jackson         rejected on a given day or 
        / michael jackson - scream,         between certain hours; what 
        usa 1995                            counts is not the barrier 
                                            but the computer that tracks 
        die reihe "kontrollbilder"          each person's position--
        beschaeftigt sich jeden             licit or illicit--and 
        ersten samstag im monat mit         effects a universal 
        repraesentationen von               modulation. the socio-
        "kontrollgesellschaft" in           technological study of the 
        neueren science-fiction-            mechanisms of control, 
        produktionen und "kontroll=         grasped at their inception, 
        gesellschaftlichen"                 would have to be categorical 
        verhaeltnissen zwischen             and to describe what is 
        bildern und personen                already in the process of 
                                            substitution for the 
        dany/ebner/keller/luetgert/         disciplinary sites of 
        mueller/schamoni                    enclosure, whose crisis is 
                                            everywhere proclaimed. it 
        von/mit/dank bootlab.org            may be that older methods, 
                                            borrowed from the former 
                                            societies of sovereignty, 
                                            will return to the fore, but 
                                            with the necessary 
                                            modifications. what counts 
                                            is that we are at the 
                                            beginning of something. in 
                                            the prison system: the 
                                            attempt to find penalties of 
                                            "substitution," at least for 
                                            petty crimes, and the use of 
                                            electronic collars that 
                                            force the convicted person 
                                            to stay at home during 
                                            certain hours. for the 
                                            school system: continuous 
                                            forms of control, and the 
                                            effect on the school of 
                                            perpetual training, the 
                                            corresponding abandonment of 
                                            all university research, the 
                                            introduction of the 
                                            "corporation" at all levels 
                                            of schooling. for the 
                                            hospital system: the new 
                                            medicine "without doctor or 
                                            patient" that singles out 
                                            potential sick people and 
                                            subjects at risk, which in 
                                            no way attests to 
                                            individuation--as they say--
                                            but substitutes for the 
                                            individual or numerical body 
                                            the code of a "dividual" 
                                            material to be controlled. 
                                            in the corporate system: new 
                                            ways of handling money, 
                                            profits, and humans that no 
                                            longer pass through the old 
                                            factory form. these are very 
                                            small examples, but ones 
                                            that will allow for better 
                                            understanding of what is 
                                            meant by the crisis of the 
                                            institutions, which is to 
                                            say, the progressive and 
                                            dispersed installation of a 
                                            new system of domination. 
                                            one of the most important 
                                            questions will concern the 
                                            ineptitude of the unions: 
                                            tied to the whole of their 
                                            history of struggle against 
                                            the disciplines or within 
                                            the spaces of enclosure, 
                                            will they be able to adapt 
                                            themselves or will they give 
                                            way to new forms of 
                                            resistance against the 
                                            societies of control? can we 
                                            already grasp the rough 
                                            outlines of the coming 
                                            forms, capable of 
                                            threatening the joys of 
                                            marketing? many young people 
                                            strangely boast of being 
                                            "motivated"; they re-request 
                                            apprenticeships and 
                                            permanent training. it's up 
                                            to them to discover what 
                                            they're being made to serve, 
                                            just as their elders 
                                            discovered, not without 
                                            difficulty, the telos of the 
                                            disciplines. the coils of a 
                                            serpent are even more 
                                            complex that the burrows of 
                                            a molehill.
  raum 3 mailing list                         http://lists.minordomo.org/raum3

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