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                                                            Pirate Cinema Bombay
                                             Berlin, World Capital of Negativity
                                                              Sunday, January 11
                                                                    7 pm - 10 pm

                                                             Ticket of No Return
                                                     directed by Ulrike Ottinger
                                            with Tabea Blumenschein, Nina Hagen,
                                          Eddie Constantine, Martin Kippenberger
                                                          1979, 110 mins, 1.4 GB

                                                    directed by Andrzej Zulawski
                                                with Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill,
                                                Margit Carstensen, Heinz Bennent
                                                            1981, 120 mins, 1 GB

                                                                    CAMP Rooftop
                                                             301 Alif Apartments
                                                               34A Chuim Village
                                                                       Khar West


BERLIN, name - polabian: "swamp", vulgar: "built on sand"; a "political
abstraction" (Maurice Blanchot), a "position from which there is no escape"
(Joseph Goebbels), a "conglomerate of calamities" (Frank Wedekind), a "curse"
(Alfred Döblin); an "attitude of defiance mingled with self-conceit" (Walter
Benjamin), the political condition of being "poor but sexy" (Klaus Wowereit)

NEGATIVITY, noun - organized negation, collective expression of antagonism,
denial or refutation, application of destructive forces within a political
struggle that is not aimed at a positive goal and usually directed against the
state and its organs; critical negativity - to employ the power of negation in a
critical situation: "I have been hit by a taxi", "my wife has left me", etc.;
dialectical negativity - the negatively dialectical reversal of the concept of
negative dialectics, negativity applied to itself, affirming - but refusing to
accept as total or self-identical - the object of negation: "no future", "punk's
not dead" etc.; historical-political negativity - any sustained political effort
that aims to make the sum of a specific historical process less than zero.
Commonly cited causes of negativity: bad weather, bad food, bad housing, the
Great Depression, the Cold War, the German Reunification (see: Berlin)

TO CAPTURE THE SPIRIT OF A CITY, expression - 1. to drink oneself to death: to
capture the spirits of a city (to never return from a city); 2. to find the
monster one's wife is having an affair with: to chase the ghosts of a city (to
be possessed by a city); 3. to build a wall around a city (see: negativity)


                                                            pirate cinema bombay
                                                            sundays from 7 to 10

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